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1996 Chevrolet Corvette Grand Sport Edition. LT4 
$17,995 Owners Asking Price
For 1996 Corvettes this is a Genuine Grand Sport 1 out  of 1,000.
This is one out of 190 Convertibles for the Grand Sports.
VIN: 1G1YY3259T5106971
This is 1 Corvette you should not pass up on checking out.
Grand Sport with 2nd owner with under 60k thousand miles.
Mature adult owned and well kept.
The LT4's more aggressive camshaft profile compliments all the valvetrain upgrades. The cam has more lift, duration and valve overlap. Exhaust valve lift is .479" (12.17mm) (net is less .006" inch (0.15mm) lash), @ .050 (1.27mm) Lift, up from .459" (11.66mm) for the LT1, and the intake is .476" (12.09mm) (net is less .004 (0.10mm) inch lash), up from the LT1's .447" (11.35mm). Duration is also increased slightly on both exhaust and intake... 203 deg. Intake and 210 deg. Exhaust with 115 deg. lobe separation and 1 degree of retard. By increasing overlap significantly, it eliminated the need for an external exhaust gas recirculation (EGR) device.

(LT1 w/1.5:1 Ratio rockers and LT4 w/1.6:1 ratio rockers)

Engine Valve Lift @ .050"(1.3mm) Specification Engine Lobe Lift @ .050"(1.3mm) Specification
LT1 Intake .447"(11.35mm) LT1 Intake .298"(7.57mm)
Exhaust .459"(11.66mm)   Exhaust .306"(7.77mm)
LT4 Intake .476"(12.09mm) LT4 Intake .298"(7.57mm)
Exhaust .479"(12.17mm)   Exhaust .299"(7.60mm)
Engine Duration @ .050"(1.27mm) Specification Engine Lobe Separation Specification
LT1 Intake 205 deg. LT1   117 deg.
Exhaust 207 deg. LT4   115 deg.
LT4 Intake 203 deg.      
Exhaust 210 deg.      


Specification LT1 LT4
Block, construction Cast Iron Cast Iron
Bore, inches 4.00 4.00
Compression ratio 10.4:1 10.8:1
Connecting Rods Powdered metal Powdered metal
Crankshaft Cast iron Cast iron with undercut and rolled fillets
Cylinder Heads Cast Aluminum, 2 valves/cylinder Cast Aluminum, 2 valves/cylinder
Displacement 350ci (5733cc) 350ci (5733cc)
Fuel system Fuel Injection, Electronic sequential port Fuel Injection, Electronic sequential port
Horsepower, factory rating 300 @ 5000 RPM 330 @ 5800 RPM
Main Bearings 4-bolt centers, 2-bolt ends 4-bolt centers, 2-bolt ends
Pistons Eutectic aluminum/silicon alloy Eutectic aluminum/silicon alloy
Redline, factory rating 5700 RPM 6300 RPM
Rocker Arms Conventional, stamped steel, 1.5:1 ratio Roller, forged aluminum, 1.6:1 ratio
Stroke, inches 3.48 3.48
Timing Chain Link chain, powdered-metal sprockets Roller chain, steel sprockets
Torque, factory rating 340 @ 4000 RPM 340 @ 4500 RPM
Torsional Damper Single mass Dual mass
Valve Diameter, inches 1.94 intake, 1.50 exhaust 2.00 intake, 1.55 exhaust
Valve Duration, degrees 279 intake, 276 exhaust 282 intake, 277 exhaust
Valve Lift, inches .447 intake, .459 exhaust .476 intake, .479 exhaust
Valve Overlap, degrees 41 46
Valve Springs Round Section Oval section, higher closing force


Parts: LT1 Description Part # LT4 Description Part #
Belt, Serpentine 1992-1996 10230259 Same as LT1 belt 10230259
Camshaft See specs below 12551705 See specs below 12551142
Cap, (Retainer) valve spring   10212802   10212808
Connecting rods Powdered Metal 10108688 Powdered Metal 10108688
Chain, Timing Powdered metal butt link 10128485 Single Roller (made for GM by Cloyes) Steel 12555887
Crankshaft   12556307 Nodular Iron (Additional Machining) 12551485
EGR   ? Overlap leaves EGR redundant ?
Gasket, Head   10168457 Composite w/ steel rings 12551488
Gasket, Intake   12524653 for higher ports 12528884
Head (L/R Same) 212 CFM flow 10168448 240 CFM flow Higher ports 12555332
Injectors 3.0gps 24lbs/hr 17124248 3.5gps 28lbs/hr 17124251
Intake Manifold   12552137 Higher ports 0.10" (2.5mm) than LT1 12550630
Knock Module   16177700 Less Sensitive to engine noise 16214681
Knock Sensor   10456287   10456287
Pistons   10159437 Shallower valve pockets than LT1 12551526
Rings, Piston   ? Positive twist 12528817
Rocker arms 1.5:1 Ratio Stamped steel 10089648 1.6:1 Ratio Aluminum Roller 12557779
Shim/spacer under spring   ?   10212809
Seal, Crankshaft   10128316 Teflon ?
Spring, Valve 85 lbs. (38.6 kg.) Seated 10206040 100 lbs. (45.4 kg.) Seated -260 lbs. (117.9 kg.) open 12551483
Sprocket, Cam Webbed 10206039 Solid (Add Mass) 12555885
Sprocket, Crank   10128346   12555886
Throttle Body Twin port, 48mm ? Twin port, 48mm ?
Valve, Exhaust 1.50" (38.1mm) Solid stem Weight:95 grams, 3.35 ounces 12550909 1.55" (39.4mm) Sodium filled stem Weight:75 grams, 2.65 ounces 12551313
Valve, Intake 1.94" (49.3mm) Solid stem Weight:110 grams, 3.88 ounces 10241743 2.00" (50.8mm) Hollow stem Weight:85 grams, 3.00 ounces 12555331

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