Toyota Supra B58 JB Plus Quick Install Tuner Years 2020+

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Plug in up to 40 extra wheel horsepower in seconds!

This Racing Product is For Competition Closed Course Use Only
Not available for Sales or Use in California 

Finally our popular and well-proven JB Plus quick install tuner is available for 2020+ B58 Toyota Supra applications! Boost is user adjustable up to 4.5psi over stock providing gains up to 40 wheel horsepower and 50 wheel torque on the B58 Supra motor. Timing and fueling remain managed seamlessly by the DME preserving all factory safety systems.

While the JB4 is the ultimate tuning tool the JB Plus 
(JB+) is a quick and simple way to add a few HP with minimal cost and minimal install effort. Something that anyone can buy, install in under a minute, and really feel from the driver's seat.

Fuel economy during normal driving is unchanged. Automatically detects the engine type upon installation allowing the same unit to be used for any B48 B58 F series application!

For those who want to start with the JB Plus and upgrade to the higher power more advanced JB4 tune, we offer a 100% trade up credit. To qualify simply purchase the JB4 system from our website directly and then after receipt mail back the JB Plus along with its purchase receipt from BMS or any authorized reseller and we'll issue a $239.00 refund against your JB4 purchase. The offer is valid for up to one year after purchasing the JB Plus. Made in the USA. 5 Year Warranty.


• 2020+ GR Toyota Supra 3.0L 6 cyl. (B58)